Pantry Party

This passage tells a funny story of whole other world behind the pantry in a woman's house.

Lexile Level: 510L

Categories: Fantasy Adventure

It was not long ago that Lisa found the world within her pantry. There were elves, miniature wolves, ants, cockroaches, and cats. They all were living behind the garbage can. They looked like they were having fun. The cockroaches had brought a punch bowl. The cats were rolling in catnip. They were licking each other's paws. And the ants were stumbling in circles around a breadcrumb. The miniature wolves were the happiest. They were wagging their tails. The elves stuck their tongues out at Lisa. She asked them why she hadn't been invited to the party. They said because she was a human. Lisa guessed that there wasn't much extra room behind the trash can. But she felt a little left out anyway.

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