The Deep Ocean

This passage discusses the deepest point on Earth, which is in the Pacific Ocean.

Lexile Level: 640L

Categories: Animals & Nature

The deepest point on Earth is in the Pacific Ocean. It is called the Challenger Deep. It is almost 36,000 feet under water. Sunlight cannot reach that far down, so it is totally dark. It is also very cold. Only a few kinds of fish live in this part of the ocean. They are different from most other fish. Many of them are transparent or black. This makes it easier for them to hide. To help them find food, some of these fish have chemicals in their bodies that cause them to glow. This light helps them attract other fish to eat. Because there is so little food in the deep ocean, no fish wants to miss out on a meal. Some fish have developed large mouths and stomachs so they can eat bigger fish.

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