Working Dogs

This passage describes the different types of important "jobs" that dogs can have.

Lexile Level: 690L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Dogs can do remarkable things. Playing fetch is the least of their talents! They can hunt and herd animals. Dogs save lives and rescue humans. In Thailand, dogs search for land mines. Their bomb detection skills have prevented thousands of injuries. Search-and-rescue dogs are trained to find people after natural disasters. They are especially helpful after avalanches. Most mountain patrol officers have a canine team member. In Alaska, dogs have pulled sleds for hundreds of years. Today sled dogs are used for athletic races. However, years ago, their main duty was to move villagers and supplies. In recent times, dogs have been trained to serve the blind, deaf, and mobility-impaired. These assistance dogs help people in their everyday lives. Dogs can smell things that humans can't smell. That's why police rely on dogs when they have to do inspections.

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