Learning to Ride a Bike

This passage is about a boy who is learning to ride a bike without training wheels.

Lexile Level: 640L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

John had been using training wheels on his bike for two years. He had tried to ride without them twice. Both times, he fell on the concrete and scraped his arms and knees. It hurt so badly that he stopped trying. His dad had a new idea for learning to ride. They took John's bike to the baseball field. First, they rode on the thick grass in the outfield. John fell several times, but it did not hurt. He was learning to balance. Then, John's dad held the back of his bike as John started pedaling around the bases. He rounded third base before he realized that his dad was no longer holding on. He was riding without training wheels. For the rest of the afternoon, John's dad sat in the baseball field dugout. He used chalk to mark the wall every time that John rode past home plate. By the end of the afternoon, the wall was full.


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