Science Fair

This passage is about a girl who creates a messy project for her school science fair.

Lexile Level: 600L

Categories: Science & Technology Adventure

Sarah loved the science fair at school. She never won, but she always had fun. Every year, she made a volcano. She loved sculpting a mountain out of clay, painting it, and placing fake trees and grass around the bottom. In the opening of the top, she put a small canister of baking powder and food coloring. When it was her turn to impress the judges, she'd add a little vinegar. The volcano would erupt. It always made a mess on the gym floor. The judges got upset. She loved making their foreheads wrinkle. Every year she added more vinegar or more baking powder to make a bigger mess. By the time she got to fifth grade, she wanted to make the eruption so big it splattered on the judges' shirts. Sarah smiled. It was only one week to the fair. The volcano had been built. Now she just had to wait.

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