This passage is about a town that is caught by surprise by a heavy snowstorm.

Lexile Level: 710L

Categories: Animals & Nature

The blizzard took everyone by surprise. Even the weatherman on TV didn't see it coming. He said that it was going to rain but never mentioned anything about snow. So when people woke up the next day, they couldn't believe their eyes. There was at least two feet of snow on the ground, and even more was coming down. And that wasn't the worst of it. The temperature had dropped to almost zero, and the wind was blowing very hard. Snow was drifting across the roads. The TV newswoman said people should stay home if they didn't have to go out. She said the roads were becoming dangerous, and some were blocked by snow. There was so much snow coming down that the snowplows were having a hard time keeping up. When the snow finally stopped falling, it took another three days for things to start getting back to normal.


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