Planting a Garden

This passage provides helpful tips for planting a garden.

Lexile Level: 730L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Planting a garden can be a lot of fun, but it takes planning, too. First, you will need to decide where to plant your flowers or vegetables. Some plants need a lot of sun. Others like to grow in the shade. Once you've picked a spot, you must prepare the soil for the plants. The soil needs to be able to absorb water. Worms in the soil make good neighbors for your plants. To make sure the soil is healthy, mix in compost or manure. These will add nutrients to the soil that will help your plants grow strong. Once the soil is prepared, you can plant your garden. To keep the ground healthy, you must make sure the soil stays moist. Plants need water to grow. You do not need to water the soil if it rains more than an inch in a week. But if it doesn't, you will have to put the garden hose or sprinkler to good use.


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