This passage discusses the life of redwood trees.

Lexile Level: 800L

Categories: Animals & Nature

The tallest trees in the world are the redwood trees. These trees only grow in one place, near the coast of northern California. In July 2006, the largest known redwood tree was discovered in Redwood National Park. It was more than 379 feet tall. That's almost as tall as a forty-story building. The tree trunk was 15 feet across at the base. High up in the branches of these trees, scientists have discovered species of insects that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Redwoods are not only the tallest living things, they are also among the oldest. Some redwoods are more than 2,000 years old. They can live so long because their bark is thick and strong. It resists forest fires, and insects can't eat through it. Redwood trees usually do not die from disease or old age, like animals. Instead, they simply fall over because they grow too tall to support themselves.


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