The Grouch

This passage is about an old man who everyone thinks is a grouch.

Lexile Level: 850L

Categories: People & Places

No one in the town knew for sure why Old Man Harris was such a grouch. Even Mrs. Nedder, the town gossip, was clueless. Some said it was because he simply did not like people. Others swore that Old Man Harris was just born mean. Nobody had ever been able to prove any of the theories because everyone was afraid of Old Man Harris. So, naturally, no one ever asked him. When people saw him sitting on his front porch or walking down the street, they hurried by without even looking him in the eye. But that all changed the day Mrs. Nedder slipped on the ice in front of Old Man Harris's house. Before she could even collect her wits and get to her feet, Old Man Harris was by her side, extending a hand. He smiled and invited her inside for a cup of tea. From then on, everyone in town knew they had been wrong about Mr. Harris.

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