Barbaro the Racehorse

This passage tells the true story of Barbaro the racehorse.

Lexile Level: 800L

Categories: Animals & Nature

The racehorse Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby. He was so fast that people thought he would win many more races. Sadly, in his next race, he broke several bones in his leg. It is very hard for a horse to get well from a broken leg. Veterinarians at a university veterinary school worked to save Barbaro. Barbaro was lucky. He has recovered slowly. The veterinarians said that people sent many things to Barbaro to wish him well. He got flowers and apples, a favorite treat for horses. When he gets too many treats at once, he shares them with the other horses that are patients with him. Barbaro even received a five hundred-dollar gift for upkeep of his recovery pool from the University of Notre Dame swim team. Barbaro has gotten wedding invitations and many get well cards. While he won't race again, Barbaro can look forward to a nice, grassy pasture and plenty of rest.


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