This passage is about a boy who cannot fall asleep.

Lexile Level: 920L

Categories: People & Places

Ian had tried counting sheep. He had imagined over two hundred fluffy, white lambs bounding over a low fence before giving up on that method. He had tried progressive relaxation, telling his toes, his feet, and his ankles all to relax; but by the time he reached his knees, his toes had forgotten his instructions. He tried imagining himself in a peaceful place, a warm breeze blowing his stress away, but his peaceful spot was quickly invaded by mosquitoes and worries. He could not sleep no matter what he tried. Ian watched the minutes and hours disappear and knew that the next day would be a contest to stay alert. Nights brought no rest, and days were becoming more and more of a challenge. Should he try warm milk again? Would it help to find something boring to read? Ian was relatively certain that no matter what he tried, he would still be awake when his alarm clock rang.

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