Writing a Letter

This passage discusses different ways to write a letter, depending on who and what the letter is for.

Lexile Level: 980L

Categories: Classics & Literature

Writing a letter is not the fastest way to communicate today, but some people treasure personal or friendly letters. In a business letter, it is important to stay on topic and make points quickly. In a friendly letter, however, the writer may choose to follow individual inclinations about style. Most friendly letters begin with a salutation or greeting. This will be as formal or informal as the writer chooses. The body of the letter will provide any personal news or information that the writer wishes to include. It may also refer to things that are happening in the reader's life. The body may be anywhere from a few lines to many pages in length. As with the greeting, the body may be formal or informal, but it will usually reflect the personality of the writer. Like all letters, friendly letters end with closings and signatures, though they tend to be more personal in nature.


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