Tennis Match

This passage is about a boy who gets hurt during his tennis match.

Lexile Level: 930L

Categories: Sports & Health

Jeremy couldn't believe his luck. He was one point from winning the regional tennis championship when he turned his ankle as he charged the net to reach his opponent's drop shot. As Coach Wilkins poked and twisted, asking where it hurt, lightning bolts of pain shot through Jeremy's leg. After several minutes, Coach Wilkins gave his diagnosis. It was a severe sprain. If he could withstand the pain and the ankle brace, Jeremy could play on the ankle without risking further injury. That's all Jeremy needed to know. He asked Coach Wilkins to hand him his racket and help him to his feet. Standing on the baseline preparing to serve, Jeremy focused on his opponent. He told himself to think of the pain as a warm wave of energy that would drive him to victory. Tossing the ball above his head, Jeremy coiled his body tight and then unleashed one of his best serves of the afternoon.


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