Tony's Bike Accident

This passage is about a boy who gets hurt while riding his bicycle.

Lexile Level: 660L

Categories: Sports & Health

Tony and his mother sat in the emergency room waiting area for what seemed like forever. His arm throbbed in his lap. Earlier Tony had been riding bikes with his friends. They set up a ramp in the street with a bucket and a sheet of wood from a nearby construction site. Since the ramp looked unstable, Tony didn't want to go first. He had dared Mario to jump the ramp. Mario had shrugged, ridden a circle around the gathering of boys, and vaulted his bike into the air. Everyone hooted and cheered. Because he had dared Mario, it was now Tony's turn. Tony was nervous though, and he clipped the side of the ramp with his front tire. The board spun into his spokes. His bike lurched. Tony fell hard on his arm, which lit up with pain. And now he was worried it was broken. A door opened, and a nurse leaned into the waiting room. He stood up gingerly when she called his name.


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