Amanda and the Horses

This passage is about how Amanda cares for horses.

Lexile Level: 700L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Amanda didn't like to get up early, but she would do anything to spend time with horses. Mrs. Matthews walked Amanda through the pasture toward the stables, sipping from a steaming cup of coffee. Amanda carried a rubber brush. She was excited to brush the horses before they went out to graze. As they approached the stables, however, they heard a high whinnying. Mrs. Matthews looked down at Amanda with a frown. They jogged to the gate and stepped inside the stable yard. A long, orange snake was slithering beneath a stall door, and the horses were snorting and stamping their hooves. Amanda yelped and stepped backwards, but Mrs. Matthews put her hand on Amanda's shoulder. Mrs. Matthews told her the snake was just a simple king snake and wasn't dangerous. The snake disappeared into the grass. Relaxing, Amanda exhaled with relief. She could see her breath. Suddenly she remembered the brush in her hand. It was time to brush the horses.

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