This passage is about the different superstitions people believe.

Lexile Level: 760L

Categories: People & Places

Are you superstitious? Even though most people are superstitious, many would admit superstitions don't make sense. Some people avoid black cats or won't walk under ladders for fear of bad luck. Others won't open umbrellas indoors. Fearing the number 13 is common. Some tall buildings skip that floor. Check the elevator buttons in the next skyscraper you visit. They may go straight from 12 to 14. Even professional athletes are superstitious. If a baseball pitcher is working on a no-hitter, his teammates won't talk to him. They won't even sit near him. The pitcher sits at one end of the dugout, and all the other players crowd down at the other end. Hockey players won't shave during the playoffs, growing their "playoff beards" until their team is eliminated. They won't touch the Stanley Cup championship trophy either. They fear that touching it before they've earned it will ruin their chances of ever winning the title.


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