Audrey Goes Fishing

This passage is about Audrey's first fishing trip.

Lexile Level: 500L

Categories: Sports & Health Animals & Nature

Audrey didn't want to go on the trip. It would be boring to be stuck on a boat all day. There would be nothing but water to look at. Audrey slipped her CD player into her backpack. Being able to listen to music might be her only comfort. Her father drove them to the pier. The white and blue fishing boat's name, "The Blue Pearl," was painted on its side. Audrey liked that name. They chugged out of the docks into the bay. Audrey eagerly read the names of the other boats as they passed. Her father set up fishing poles for everyone. The bright sun warmed Audrey as she sat on deck. She inhaled the smell of the water. A group of seagulls stayed very low over the boat. Audrey could see their little black eyes. Then her father pointed out a school of dolphins alongside the boat. Audrey smiled. She wanted to be the first to catch a fish.

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