The Tour de France

This passage is about the Tour de France.

Lexile Level: 580L

Categories: Sports & Health

The Tour de France is the most famous bicycle race in the world. Every July the best cyclists gather to race. Each year the race begins in a different town. The race takes three weeks. The riders race almost every day. They may ride over 2,000 miles in all. They even ride over mountain ranges. You can tell who is winning by the shirts the riders wear. The rider in first place wears a yellow shirt. This is a great honor. Wearing the yellow shirt for even just one day is very special. Winning the Tour de France means you are the best bicycle racer in the world. Lance Armstrong has won the race seven times. No other rider has won more than five times. The race ends in Paris. Sometimes the winning rider drinks champagne as he rides into Paris. He has certainly earned it.

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