This passage is about how bats find food at night.

Lexile Level: 390L

Categories: Science & Technology Animals & Nature

"Blind as a bat" is a common expression. It is true that bats don't use their eyes to see. Instead they use sound. Most small bats eat insects. They catch them in the air while flying. Bugs fly at night. It's too dark to see the bugs. The bugs are also tiny. So how do bats catch insects without seeing? They catch them by using echoes. A bat makes a high squeak. The sound waves bounce off a flying bug. The bat's ears pick up the echo. The bat follows the echo to the bug. Bat ears are very sensitive. They are large compared to the bat's body. Some sea animals also use echoes. Dolphins and killer whales use them. It's hard to see very far in the ocean. But sound travels well through water. Sea animals make clicking sounds. The clicks bounce off fish. Then they find the fish and eat them. Sounds like a good way to find a meal!


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