The Meteor Shower

This passage is about the Perseid meteor shower and Christina, who stays awake to watch it.

Lexile Level: 720L

Categories: Science & Technology Animals & Nature

Though it was after midnight, the summer night was warm enough that Christina was in short sleeves. She crunched potato chips and leaned back in the lawn chair. The black night sky twinkled above her, motionless and cloudless. Worried about falling asleep, Christina stood and stretched. That's when she saw the first one. It was a small line of light directly above her in the sky. For a moment she was not sure that she had really seen it, but quickly there were two more, larger and longer, visible above the house across the street. She smiled in the darkness. The Perseid meteor shower had begun. Over the next hour Christina had no problem staying awake. She saw several meteors every minute. The largest one startled her, making a curved, glowing line that stayed in the sky for a long time. She was overjoyed that she'd stayed up so late to see it.

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