Creation of a Storm

This passage details how storms are created.

Lexile Level: 570L

Categories: Science & Technology Animals & Nature

Thunder rattles the windows. Lightning brightens the sky. Winds howl through the trees. The electricity is knocked out. Thunderstorms can be exciting or frightening. Storms can form when two bodies of air come together. One wind lifts moisture high up in the air. This is called an updraft. The wind's moisture runs into a warmer layer of air above it and stops. It is like a helium balloon hitting a ceiling. The moisture condenses into rain droplets and spreads out because it can't rise anymore. The droplets become heavy and fall as rain. As the rain falls, it creates a wind that goes down with it called a downdraft. When downdrafts and updrafts come into contact, lightning and thunder happen. After a while the updrafts stop and the storm clouds drop all of their rain. The thunder quiets down and stops. The winds calm. The storm is over.


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