Sarah's Lesson

This passage tells about a lesson Sarah learned after pushing her sister.

Lexile Level: 890L

Categories: People & Places

Punished and sent to her room, Sarah had nothing to do but sit on the bed and make her angry faces at the wall. Finally she unfolded her arms and propped them behind her in order to lean back to stare at the ceiling. She understood that she was too old to push her little sister like that, but what she couldn't understand is why mom didn't yell this time. She couldn't understand why her mom simply suggested that she go to her room for a little while. Through the open crack between the door to her room and the doorframe, she watched her mom. She could see for the first time that her mom was getting older. She noticed the wrinkles on the side of her face. Sarah walked out of her room and put her hand on her mom's shoulder from behind. She hugged her mom and apologized sincerely.

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