Uncle Charlie's Basement

This passage is about the surprises that await in Uncle Charlie's basement.

Lexile Level: 630L

Categories: Adventure

Uncle Charlie brought us to the door of his basement and explained the rules. There were two rules. We could each take one thing home to keep, but only one thing each. We couldn't take two things. The other rule was that whatever we touched first was what we were taking home. So we shouldn't touch something unless we wanted it. We waited like sprinters at the door, hunched over and ready to spring into the basement. We had no idea what was in there, but we all thought it must be better than a king's treasure. Uncle Charlie threw open the door. We darted into complete darkness. It was just as important to stop my brothers from getting the best toy as it was to make sure I got the best toy. In an instant I saw what I had hoped for. It was over in the corner, and it was in my hands before I knew it. It was mine.


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