Nighttime Baseball

This passage is about Jason and Mookie, and their game of baseball.

Lexile Level: 760L

Categories: Sports & Health

Since it was nighttime no one would bother Jason and his dog, Mookie. They had the whole park to themselves. So Jason let Mookie off the leash, and Mookie ran up the small slide and jumped down the stairs. He ran on all the platforms, sniffing the handrails along the way. Jason followed him toward the baseball field. Jason ran over to home plate and pretended to announce a baseball game. As he described his imaginary baseball statistics, he mimed a swing at a pitch. Jason watched the imaginary ball sail off into the distance. He ran around the bases, and Mookie followed, leaping in celebration at his friend's first major-league home run. The two celebrated at home plate. It was good to be a kid playing baseball in the middle of the night.

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