Driving Home

This passage is about a late drive home.

Lexile Level: 710L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

The only thing that made noise was the steady hum of his car. He had been driving most of the night and he hoped to be home by morning. Way out here in the country he could only get AM radio stations and static, so he turned the radio off. A car passed him going the other way. He saw a deer on the left side of the road. It looked up, then his car sped by. He read green sign after green sign. The houses that he could see from the highway were all asleep with only a front-porch light on, or a light on out back. He played games, trying to name all the states and their capitols. He thought about what he would eat for breakfast when he got home. He thought about what he needed to do at work. A couple more games in his head and a couple more signs then he would be home.


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