A Remembered Tree

This passage is about the tree that Ryan climbed when he was young.

Lexile Level: 750L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

When Ryan thought of the tree in his front yard, he remembered it being the tallest thing that he could imagine. As a child he would try to climb it often. He climbed higher each year. When he was very little, it was hard to reach the first branches without his dad's help. When he was ten, he finally got to the branch that the tire swing hung from. At twelve he started to get a little heavy for the branches. The branches that used to support him easily began to bend under his feet. The same nooks in the tree where his feet fit easily began to be tight. At thirteen he stopped climbing the tree altogether. Seeing the tree for the first time since he and his family had moved away, it shocked him. It was just a tree and not the colossus he had remembered.


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