The Gardener

This passage is about Rick's indoor garden.

Lexile Level: 650L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Rick had what seemed like a million plants. There were huge ones that barely fit in the room. There were some that started at the tops of his shelves and hung to the floor. He walked with a watering can in his hand and a pair of scissors in his pocket. He talked to each of them like a nurse talks to a patient. He talked to one with orange flowers. He clipped here and there, tossing green stuff to the ground and expecting me to know what to do with it. He dipped his finger into each pot, testing the dirt. He instructed me about the finer points of caring for plants. I nodded as he assumed I would. There was one plant that he seemed to never water. He said it was a cactus and that it never needed much water. But he always looked at it and checked it as much as any other. He spent as much time with it as he did with the others.


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