The Tropical Storm

This passage is about witnessing a tropical storm.

Lexile Level: 540L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

From the west side of the island we could see the storm coming. The radio had been warning about the tropical storm since the day before. It looked like a wall of black skyscrapers except that it was round and spongy. The worst part about it was that to the east the sky was blue and perfect. We saw the black get closer and closer faster than any ship could travel. The rain started with two big drops on my head. Next it was nothing but buckets. The wind went from nothing to a howl. The water rose up and made waves instantly. The white caps pounded and broke on the shore. Then the storm was here. I couldn't see it. I couldn't see thirty feet. We were in it. It was all storm. Rain among rain and wind gust after gust was all we knew for hours. The next morning all we could see was cloudy water and boats sitting there like nothing had ever happened.


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