This passage is about a collection of pictures.

Lexile Level: 620L

Categories: People & Places

A wall at Grandpa's house had all the photos of the family. They were all black and white. They were all faded. Some had turned a little bit brown in some spots, and some were not really clear at all. But when people looked at them, they all knew who was who and where and when they were taken. Some photos were of groups of people. Some were just of family, standing stiff like they were in the military. Some were pictures of just a baby. Some were really silly ones that everyone would look at and laugh. Grandpa had a picture of me, too, with my brothers and sisters. No matter what the picture was, relatives would look at it and then tell the story that went with the photo. All of them were of family and friends, and all of them seemed very special. It was the club of people who knew my Grandpa.

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