Linda's Camping Trip

This passage is about Linda's first time camping.

Lexile Level: 530L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

Linda had never been outside of Chicago. So when her family went camping, it seemed more exciting than her own birthday party. In the woods, trees were much different than those in the city parks. In the woods, the trees were everywhere. Their branches were everywhere. They all connected. There were small ones and big ones and medium ones. There were all sorts of bushes that made walking among the trees hard. Her parents wanted to walk on the nature trial, but she walked right through the middle of the trees. The stream was her favorite part. The water went around and over all the rocks. The rocks were smooth, almost soft. She couldn't figure out how they could be soft and still be rocks. Some of them had cool lines and patterns of color in them. Finally she picked her favorite one. She was going to take it home to remind her of the woods. She carefully put it into her left pocket.


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