This passage is about trying to describe snow.

Lexile Level: 680L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Mandy had only seen snow in the movies or in photographs. She was the only adult in the room who had never seen actual snow. She was from Louisiana where they simply didn't get snow. Everyone in the room took a turn trying to explain what it was like. Justin said it falls softly and silently. Courtney pantomimed how you can pack it into snowballs and snowmen. Shana described how it was wet and cold. Stacy interrupted, shouting that it can be dry, fluffy, and white. Ted talked about sledding and how snow is slick and hard. Laura said it comes down thicker and heavier than rain. Jessica said it sticks to everything but only to the top parts of everything. The weather forecast called for inches and inches of snow. When it started to come down, they all ran outside to watch. Their silence and smiles said that it was beyond all explanation.

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