Eddie and Uncle Sammy

This passage is about the time that Eddie enjoys spending with Uncle Sammy.

Lexile Level: 670L

Categories: People & Places

Eddie couldn't wait to see Uncle Sammy. Every day after school he would walk home and have a glass of milk with Uncle Sammy along with some toast and really good butter. When Eddie got there, Uncle Sammy was waking up and drinking his first cup of coffee. Uncle Sammy worked late every night. He poured a glass of milk for Eddie that was overflowing. Then Uncle Sammy poured a cup of coffee for himself. They read the paper together. Uncle Sammy read the sports page then turned to the races. Eddie read the comics. The toast was ready. The butter that Uncle Sammy had was better than the butter at other people's houses; it just tasted better. Sammy leaned over to Eddie and told him that if he had a horse, he'd name it Eddie because Eddie was so fast. They both laughed and went back to reading and eating and drinking.

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