This passage is a brief history of the sport of lacrosse.

Lexile Level: 750L

Categories: History Sports & Health

The sport of lacrosse was created by Native Americans. The sport was played from the southeast to the Great Lakes. They would play for days at a time. The field size would range from the size of a couple of football fields all the way to a couple of miles. Some tribes used lacrosse sticks that were two feet long, while other tribes used sticks that were over four feet long. Some tribes even played on horseback. The common rule was that they could never touch the ball with their hands. While only the younger men played, almost everyone else would watch these grueling matches. The games were used to settle disputes and to train the young men to become warriors. European explorers were fascinated with the sport of lacrosse when they encountered it. The Europeans started to play. Then they brought this sport to other parts of the world. Today lacrosse is played around the world. It is even an Olympic sport.


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