This passage details the many ways people have to say good-bye.

Lexile Level: 680L

Categories: People & Places

There are many different ways people around the world say good-bye. Each has a slightly different meaning. The French use the phrase "au revoir," and the Germans, "auf wiedersehen." Both translate as "until we meet again." Both of these seem to suggest that the parting is temporary. The older English version "farewell" translates as "fare thee well." This is a wish that the person leaving will go out and make a fortune or "fare." It seems to wish them luck in their matters of money. This sort of good-bye relieves some of the sadness of the parting. The Japanese have an interesting way of saying good-bye. They use "sayonara." This translates as "since it must be so." This form of good-bye seems to reflect a wise acceptance of life. It seems to contain the fact that two people are parting and an understanding that they must part. All of the good-byes around the world are interesting.


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