Liver and Onions

This passage is about Jennifer, who hates her dinner.

Lexile Level: 700L

Categories: Sports & Health

Jennifer sat at the table and looked sourly at her dinner. Her little brother was eating quickly. Her mother and father were cutting their food with care. She took a slow bite of salad. Then she pushed the liver and onions to the other side of her plate. She took a long time to fix her potato. She'd only eaten a bite of it when her parents finished their meals. Jennifer had hoped that if she took long enough, they would leave her at the table and go watch the news. Then Jennifer could slip the liver into the garbage without anyone noticing. Unfortunately Jennifer's mother chided her for taking so long. Jennifer sighed and began to cut her liver into tiny bites. Her mother knew Jennifer hated liver and onions, but she argued that they were good for her. That was why they had them every Sunday night.


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