The New Kid

This passage is about Corlie, who moves to a new school, and gets a new reputation.

Lexile Level: 660L

Categories: People & Places Adventure

The shy guy, Corlie, had a reputation. Even though he had just transferred to Central Middle School, almost everyone had heard about him. No one was sure whether what they had heard about Corlie was true or not. But as far as most kids were concerned, Corlie was someone you didn't want to mess with. Whenever Corlie walked down the hall the students would move out of his way. Corlie knew they thought he was trouble. He figured it was because of the way he looked and acted. Corlie was very tall and muscular. And Corlie was very shy, so he didn't talk much and mostly kept to himself. The other students mistook his shyness for a bad attitude. They thought he wasn't friendly. Corlie knew that if people would take the time to get to know him that he could probably make friends. One day Corlie decided to take the first step. He smiled at one of his classmates and said hello.


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