Janet Goes to Work

This passage is about Janet, who gets to go to work with her mother.

Lexile Level: 720L

Categories: People & Places

Janet had been waiting all year for this day to arrive. It was the day she got to go to her mom's office. Last year her mother told Janet that she was too young to appreciate the experience. But now that she was seven years old, she was ready for "Take Your Daughter to Work" day. And she was really looking forward to it. She had laid out her clothes the night before. She had picked her favorite blue sweater and her plaid skirt. She even asked her mom if she could wear her best shoes and her mom had agreed. Janet wanted to make a good impression. But more than anything she wanted to see what her mom did during the day when she was at her job. Janet's mom worked in a big building downtown and had her own adminstrative assistant. She couldn't wait to spend a day at the office with her mom.


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