The Dentist

This passage is about how Sarah gets ready to go to the dentist.

Lexile Level: 690L

Categories: Sports & Health

Sarah was dreading her first visit to the dentist. Her mom and dad told her she had nothing to worry about, but she still felt nervous. Some of her friends at school had gone to the dentist before. Some of them told Sarah about cavities and drills and fillings. That didn't sound good to Sarah. Sarah brushed her teeth and flossed every day. But she still wondered if that had been enough. She asked her mom about her worries. Sarah didn't want her teeth to be drilled or yanked out. Sarah's mom told her that everything would be alright. She said that chances were very good that Sarah didn't have any cavities. She said that even if she did have cavities, the dentist would make sure that it didn't hurt when he filled them. Sarah believed what her mother said, steeled herself to go, and got into the car.


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