The Election

This passage is about how Josh handles running for class president.

Lexile Level: 790L

Categories: People & Places

The signs were all over school. They advertised Josh's rival for class president in big black letters. The next line, in smaller letters, made a joke out of Josh's last name, Smart. The posters looked very professional. They were hanging in the cafeteria, in the study hall, in the halls, and on just about every locker. There was even one stuck to Josh's locker. That didn't seem right to Josh, since he was running for class president, too. Josh took the Dexter Dillon sign off his locker and stuck it on the locker next to his. A friend down the hall suggested he throw the sign away. But Josh was running on an anti-vandalism platform and didn't think destroying the sign would be a good example of his policies.

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