This passage is about the many things you can do with your imagination.

Lexile Level: 750L

Categories: Adventure

There is something that you carry around with you every day that can change a gray sky into blue! It can make the clouds in the sky turn into fluffy dogs or fire-breathing dragons. It's better than your new DVD, and it doesn't even take batteries. You don't need speakers to hear it, but you could make some headphones and listen to it all on your own. Do you have any guesses? It's your imagination. You can transport yourself to another place just by thinking of it! Your imagination is the stuff that dreams are made of. Sometimes it can help you get through a long wait in line or help you see your world in a new way. When you were little it was called pretend, but now it's something bigger and better. It's a chance to be creative and resourceful, a chance to experience new ideas and images. Let your imagination soar!

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