Comic Books

This passage is about John's long walk to get new comic books.

Lexile Level: 390L

Categories: Graphic Novels & Comics

John walked to the store. It was a hot day. No clouds floated in the sky. Only the sun was up there, and it poured heat on John's head. The tan pavement reflected heat at him as if in revenge for something John once did. He trudged on though. He wanted some new comic books. Still he wondered if it was worth it. A block ahead he could see some buildings. There would be shade there. He tried not to hurry because that made him hotter. He wished he'd brought a bottle of water. The air felt thick. He wanted to somehow push the heat off like he would a blanket. Going back now would be longer than continuing. He trudged on. What if, John wondered, there were no new comics?


Jesse loved superheroes. He loved to read stories about them. He wanted to be a superhero ...