The Goalie

This passage is about Janice, the goalie for the Hornets.

Lexile Level: 360L

Categories: Sports & Health

Janice watched the players on the field. Her team was wearing yellow. Everyone was facing away from Janice, since the Hornets had the ball. She watched as Linda swept past two of the Cougar's players. She smoothly kicked the ball past their goalie. Janice jumped up and down when they scored. Then she refocused. A player wearing the number five ran up the field. She was fast. She kicked the ball as she ran. She kept control of it. Janice watched the player. Janice knew which way the ball would go by how the player moved. The player went to kick the soccer ball to Janice's right. But Janice didn't fall for it. She could tell the player was faking. Instead, the Cougar kicked the ball to the left. Janice was already reaching for it. She caught the ball. She held it over her head. The Hornets cheered for their goalie.


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