The Grasshopper

This passage is about when a boy tries to scare his sister with a grasshopper.

Lexile Level: 340L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

Thomas was crouched on the lawn. His little sister, Jasmine, watched from the door. She called out to him to ask what he was doing. He didn't answer. Just as she started to worry, he jumped. He pushed up from the ground with his back legs. He landed a couple of feet from where he was. She laughed because he looked like a frog. Thomas cupped his hands over something in the grass. Then he stood up. He walked over to Jasmine and motioned for her to open the door for him. He came inside; his hands still cupped. He told her to put her hands out. She did so. Gently, he placed whatever was in his hands on hers. She giggled as it tickled her palms. Thomas removed his hands. Jasmine saw the grasshopper. She lifted her hands to eye level. She looked closely at the grasshopper. Then she asked Thomas if she could keep it.

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