Daniel and The Cast

This passage is about Daniel and his broken arm.

Lexile Level: 300L

Categories: Sports & Health

Daniel was happy. He was going to get his cast off. He'd had it for a month. He broke his arm on the trampoline. The doctor said it was a compound fracture. It sounded serious. Daniel's arm had hurt a lot. The cast helped, though. Then his arm started getting itchy. But Daniel couldn't scratch it. Some nights the itchiness kept him awake. All his friends had signed his cast. Some of them drew pictures on it. The cast looked nice with the decorations. Still, Daniel couldn't wait to get the cast off. The doctor had a big saw. The saw wouldn't hurt Daniel though. It would just cut off the cast. Daniel stuck out his arm on the table. The doctor started cutting the cast up near his shoulder. Plaster dust flew up from the cast.

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