The Painting

This passage is about a girl who completes a painting.

Lexile Level: 360L

Categories: Art & Music

Rhonda stepped back from her painting. She'd been working the entire class. She could feel how tight her shoulders were. She set down her paintbrush. Her painting was of two daisies. The real daisies sat next to the easel. Rhonda had been working hard on the painting. The real daisies didn't look fresh anymore. But the painted daisies were bright. She had painted drops of water on them. The red background made the daisies look very white. Rhonda had painted very light shadows on the daisies. They looked real. She chose a fine-tipped brush. Carefully, she dipped it in black paint. She tested the paint on scrap paper. Then she signed her name. It looked dark on the red background. The black looked good with the white daisies. After letting it dry, she took the painting down. She had bought a frame for it. Once it was framed, it was finished.

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