This passage details the process involved in making bagels.

Lexile Level: 850L

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Bagels were invented in central Europe about 400 years ago. Jewish immigrants first brought them to New York City in the late nineteenth century. Over the years they have become a favorite food all across the country. People eat them sliced and toasted for breakfast. Usually they are spread with butter or cream cheese. Some people add thinly sliced salmon. Others make a sandwich with a bagel instead of regular bread. Though grocery stores sell frozen bagels, freshly baked bagels taste much better. Bagel bakers make their dough the night before. Then they shape it into rings and boil it in water. Sometimes honey is mixed with the water to make it sweeter. Then the bagels are fished out and baked. This process makes a nice crust on the outside but keeps the inside soft. Bakers will even paint the bagels with egg white and add toppings such as garlic, onion, or sesame or poppy seeds. The egg makes the topping stick to the bagel.


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