Tour de France

This passage is about the famous bike race called the "Tour de France."

Lexile Level: 590L

Categories: Sports & Health

The Tour de France is the biggest bicycle race in the world. The race takes place in France in July. It lasts for three weeks. The bikers race on many roads. Some roads are on flat land. Some roads are in the mountains. Every day the bikers race on a different road. This is called a stage. There are many stages in the Tour de France. Each stage has a winner. The big winner of the Tour de France finishes all of the stages the fastest. Some bikers get to wear special colored jerseys. Jerseys are shirts that bikers wear when they race. The biker leading the race gets a yellow jersey. The best biker on mountain roads gets a red polka-dotted jersey. The best sprinter gets a green jersey. Lance Armstrong is the most famous American biker. He won more Tour de France races than anyone else. He won seven in a row.


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