Water Skiing

This passage is about one person's experiences water-skiing.

Lexile Level: 970L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

When we were kids growing up in Florida, Jake and I would take his dad's boat out on the Gulf of Mexico and go water-skiing skiing. I'd hop overboard, and Jake would pull me up on two skis, pushing the throttle as far as it could go. Trailing behind the boat, I'd bend my ankle and drop the first ski. Then I'd plant my bare heel into the water, twist my other ankle, and send the second ski flying. Now it was just skin on water. The sting was intense, and I was only strong enough to stay standing for about a minute. When Jake saw me beginning to shake from the strain, he'd make a smooth arc and head for the shoreline. When he got to within about fifty feet, he'd jerk the wheel hard. As for me, I kept going straight. On a good day, when the water was glassy and the timing perfect, I could walk right up onto the beach.


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