My Dad's Job

This passage is about the pride one man finds in what he does for a living.

Lexile Level: 810L

Categories: People & Places

I was never sure whether my dad liked his job or not until I asked him. He worked such long hours and until so late at night that I was never quite sure. Owning, operating, and managing a pizza place seemed like a hectic way to make a living. When I worked with him, he seemed so stressed that I really couldn't imagine that he liked the work. It was late one night when I finally asked him. He waited a long time before he spoke. Finally he explained that he liked it when he walked into the chaos and made it orderly. He said that he liked that he could do that; he liked that he could set things straight and make things right. I've always remembered his explanation, and it has always made me happy to think that my dad liked his job.


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