Grocery Shopping

This passage is about how Amy going grocery shopping with her mother.

Lexile Level: 800L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Amy loved going grocery shopping with her mom. Her mom always let Amy help push the cart. Her mom let her get groceries off the shelf too. Sometimes when her mom couldn't find one of the things on her shopping list, Amy would help her find it. Amy had a great memory. Once she had seen an item on the shelf, she could always find it again. She knew which aisle cereal was on, she knew where the canned vegetables were, and she even knew where to find the spices. She was a big help to her mom, and her mom appreciated it. As a reward, Amy's mom would always let her pick out something special for the evening meal. Sometimes she would choose one of her favorite vegetables. Other times she would pick out a favorite fruit or dessert. But today was her brother's birthday, so this time she decided to choose his favorite, chocolate cake.

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